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Best Forklift Options

About Forklift Training and Safety

Forklifts transformed the manufacturing industry. They are excellent vehicles that have added tremendously to the bottom line of companies. One way that forklifts have saved money is by reducing injuries. Before forklifts, people had to do the job a forklift and as you can imagine, many injuries resulted. However, while forklifts prevent injuries, they can be dangerous if not operated correctly. Forklift injuries can be very serious because they often cause what is called a 'crushing' injury. Below are some safety tips for forklift operation. You can also visit our  website for more safety tips.




A lot of people don't think safety training is necessary to drive a forklift because they've driven many other types of vehicle. They figure, all you need to do is push on the gas and be able to steer. But driving a forklift is much more complicated than that and requires several hours of training.




One way that driving a forklift isn't like any other vehicles is the handling of hills. Forklifts are very unstable vehicles, as you'll see when you look for more info about forklift operation. They are prone to tipping over because of being so unstable.  Because forklifts are unbalanced, it is important that when going down hills or other declines, that the forklift be driven backwards. Otherwise it could tip over.


While on the topic of driving backwards, if the driver is carrying a large load that makes it impossible to see while driving forward, they must drive backwards. In fact, forklift truck drivers spend a lot of time driving backwards which is something many people are uncomfortable with doing.




It is important that CIT forklifts drivers wear the proper clothing such as hard hats and steel toe boots. Forklift operators commonly lift very heavy items above their head. Should a box break and the contents spill out, the operator could be in danger. That is where safety clothing comes in.




The biggest concern, however, is the pedestrians on the factory or warehouse floor. Electric forklifts make very little noise so people don't hear them. It's important for operators to use their horns to make their presence known. Mirrors that allow drivers to see around corners should also be employed as corners are often the most dangerous spots for forklift drivers.


Forklift training for both the operators and the people who are on the floor isn't just a good idea, it's a requirement. Facilities that allow unlicensed and untrained drivers to operate forklifts are subject to huge fines and losing their standing in respected organizations such as IS0 9000. And if serious injuries result from an accident the company liable for a huge negligence claim.